Arian DeLaVega


!!These are exciting times to invest in South Florida!!

Hello friends,

These are exciting times to buy properties in South Florida. South Florida Real Estate market has always been an appealing place for investors from all over South America en the world, a place to secure their money on a long time Real Estate investment on an steady US Market. There are great investment opportunities out there, if you are looking for either a place to call home or investment opportunities, call me or email me, I will send you a customized list of whats we have on inventory in various areas of South Florida. !!THIS IS THE TIME AND MOMENT TO BUY, CALL ME!!

!!If you are planning to sell your property by owner you may be losing money by minimizing your profit!!

Dear Seller,

If you are planning to sell, or if you are just interested in finding out the value of your property call me to schedule a meeting, I will prepare a CMA for you with all the recently sold, pending and active properties on your market. This will help you make an educated decision on the market value of your property and also decide if it is the right time to sell. I will also show you why selling your property with a professional will help you sell fast and net the most money. See, exposure is the key to selling your home and I tell you, if I can't sell your home with the exposure tools I have on my disposal nobody can. !!IF YOU ARE READY TO SELL CALL ME, LET'S MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!!